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  1. What are counterfeit textbooks?

Counterfeit textbooks are books that are unauthorized copies of verified educational materials. LIFE OF RILEY has gone through an extensive process to ensure all the textbooks in our warehouse are verified by strict industry standards.


  1. Why should I care?

It is important to make sure you are getting verified educational materials for your students. Together we can get stop counterfeit books for good. LIFE OF RILEY has taken steps to be in accordance with EPEG standards to be sure our customers are getting the best quality of books for their students.


  1. How is LIFE OF RILEY eliminating counterfeit textbooks?

All books that pass through our warehouse are checked three times before making it out to stores’ shelves. LIFE OF RILEY follows EPEG standards and brings in industry experts to conduct audits and teach our staff how to spot and eliminate counterfeit books. You can rest assured that books from LIFE OF RILEY are verified under the strictest industry standards.


  1. How do I avoid counterfeit textbooks?

Purchase from EPEG certified vendors like LIFE OF RILEY. Learn more about our fully compliant wholesale and online marketplace sourcing standards by getting in touch with your LIFE OF RILEY representative.


  1. How can I be sure there are no counterfeit books on my shelves?

Source your books from trusted wholesale distributors like LIFE OF RILEY. We make sure counterfeit books are off our shelves before being mixed with our other inventory or ever sending them out to stores. If you think you have counterfeit books from other sources, feel free to contact your LIFE OF RILEY representative to learn more. You can also

visit to stay educated on EPEG standards and best industry practices for your store and students.